Interpret every display requirement and translate it into tradeshow exhibits, striking the right balance between design and functionality. A commitment marked by design versatility, rapid response and a high degree of problem solving.

Custom installations for star-quality products.

Tradefairs, events, art exhibitions and museum displays, showrooms are spaces that offer the opportunity to take centre stage. Interfiere’s commitment is to provide a brand, a product, a work of art with the most suitable stage to show off their star quality. Our activity is carried out in line with corporate philosophy.

The customer always at the centre.

Listening is essential for tapping into the heart of a company, understanding its needs in depth, and acquiring the information and elements necessary to ensure maximum customisation of the stand. Equally important is sharing every step along the way: from finalising the budget to drafting the brief, from the first layout to work advancement to the final check.

The value of teamwork.

Every Interfiere project stems from teamwork involving architects, designers and technicians: through a constant exchange of ideas every choice can be optimised, concrete answers provided, results obtained that meet expectations. Interfiere operates a large in-house carpentry workshop employing specialist craftsmen: we are therefore able to follow the various processes independently, with positive effects on times and costs. Our team also includes a number of reliable outside suppliers who guarantee maximum availability, flexibility and time management for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The advantage of relying on a sole contractor.

Gain in peace of mind, save on costs and time: that’s one more reason to choose Interfiere. We operate as a sole contractor, looking after all operational, bureaucratic and logistical aspects. For this reason, we provide the client with a project manager who follows every stage of the project, ready to solve any critical issues and meet last-minute demands.